The ExO Canvas - Your Exponential Organization (ExO) on one page

Salim Ismail / USA/Canada

Author of the book Exponential Organizations

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Joseph Ajao / Nigeria

Digital Supply Chain Transformation Consultant

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Camilo Aristizabal / Colombia

Director Afiliaciones y Recaudo en Suramericana

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Carlos R.B. Azevedo / Brazil

Advancing Artificial Intelligence for a sustainable Networked Society at Ericsson Research

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Ralf Bamert / Switzerland

Digital Transformator and ExO Evangelist

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Vanessa Belmonte / USA

Marketing & Logistics at ExO Works

Oren Berkovich / Canada

Exponential Technologies Strategist at Deloitte's National Innovation Office

Josh Camire / USA

Solutions Engineer | Marketing | Social + Digital | Organizational Design

Andrea Castelli / Mexico

Director, IT & PE Mexico, Colombia, EM & Shared Services Center LatAm at American Tower

Cesar Castro / USA

Regional General Manager | Consumer Electronics, Mobility, Telecom & Digital Transformation

Marcio Chaer / Brazil

Transforming Problems into Exponential Growth Solutions

Rolf Clausen / Denmark

Technology, future, communications, strategy

Fernando Cruz / Canada

Sourcing Advisory, Digital Convergence & ExO Consultant

Richard Dejeu / Netherlands

Visionair, Professional Speaker on our future with Disruptive Technologies, Singularity and Exponential Growth

Che Fehrenbach / Canada

Channel Manager at ExO Works

Jorge Juan Fernandez Garcia / Spain

BHITE polymath (Biomedicine + Healthcare + Innovation + Technology + Entrepreneurship)

Angel Gutierrez Borjabad / Spain

Partner | Head of everis NEXT at everis

Armando Halbinger / Mexico

Director of Marketing at Microsoft Mexico

Evonne Heyning / USA

Media, Tech, Global Impact Strategy and Production

Peter Hyldgaard / Denmark

Northern Region, Denmark | Environmental services

Laura King / USA

Employee Communications | Leadership Development Consultant | Executive Coach

Kent Langley / USA

Coach, Consultant, Advisor and Speaker

Adam Little / Canada

Veterinary Consultant

Mario López de Ávila Muñoz / Spain

Principal and Founder NODOS

Wolfgang Markt / United Kingdom

Roboticist, Entrepreneur, Startup Consultant

Esther Martínez Recuero / Spain

Graphic designer | web designer | developer the UI and UX at ExO Works

Francisco Milagres / Brazil

Entrepreneur, Advisor, Investor | SingularityU Community Ambassador

Fabrizio Milo / USA/Italy

Sr. Platform Engineer at Scopely

Michal Monit / Poland

Finishing PhD looking for innovation / design / entrepreneurship / social impact opportunities in small, agile teams

Mújica María / Argentina

Latam Regional Marketing Director - Leader Fly Garage @ Mondelez

Anthony Onesto / USA

Executive // Advisor - Startup, High Growth Technology & Digital Advertising Companies // ExO Consultant // HR Futurist

David Orban / USA

Founder & Managing Partner at Network Society Ventures

Iván Ortenzi / Italy

Fun and work @Ars et Inventio & @Bip | Montessori Kid | Neotenic | Innovation | Strategy | Digital | Exponential

Francisco Palao-Reines / Spain

Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Laila Pawlak / Denmark

Speaker. Singularity University Adjunct Faculty. Co-founder DARE2, DARE2mansion, thinkubator & SingularityU Cph Chapter

Francisco Poyatos Jimenez / Spain

Transforming Problems into Exponential Growth Solutions

Ann Ralston / USA

Business Consultant | President,

Gary Ralston / USA

Management Consultant, Executive Coach and Partner,

Xavier de Lima Renato / Brazil

Content Curator at HandsOn.TV

Garry Schulz / Australia

Co-founder and Advisor at New Game Academy, Founder and Principal at "Disrupt It" and Foundation Investor at Kwezzi

Diego Soroa / Spain

How can I assist? Architect, Tech Creative, ExO Exponential Organizations

José Antonio Torres / Ecuador

Executive President at THE EDGE GROUP

Nathalie Trutmann / Brazil

Managing Director, Latin America at Hyper Island

Jennifer Van der Meer / USA

Founder, Reason Street

Raúl Raya Vergara / Spain

Project manager | Web developer

Brinkley Warren / USA

Co-Founder at MegaBots, Inc.